"Raw, unique talent, a must see"

-John Macarthur Ellis, producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist 

"Over at the Sunset Theater Uschi Tala gave an eerie, otherworldly performance. With candles lit, her electric guitar and her accompanists, a cellist and back-up singer, Tala led the audience on a live-looping musical sojourn into another dimension”

-Beatroute Magazine, Artswells 2017

“The music of Uschi Tala whispers light and truth to the yearning spirit.” 

- Melody Diachun, singer/songwriter, JUNO & National Jazz Awards nominee

Have you ever been in a room by yourself but felt less than alone? Was it a whisper in your ear that you're not too sure you heard, a voice that could just as easily have come from the inside, calling out? Uschi Tala tugs at us from the depths of our truths, our secrets, our muddy guts and glimmering, fresh blood. There is nothing tidy about this undressing, but Uschi reminds us that life is a strange, messy thing and if we're lucky, we'll get it all over us. 

Leaving no hiding place unturned, Uschi Tala pulses and creaks through our bones with tracks like Pray for These, Power Of The Sun, And The Wolves Were Out howling warnings with generous, ominous lessons. Lyrical and dark as a Robert Service poem, these fresh works lead us through the wild terrain of our own minds, where the only one in the room is us, and the voices we've been keeping quiet. Finally, the signals are flowing and the line is clear, all we need to do now is listen.  

-Jillian Christmas

Writer/ Educator/ Artistic director of Verses Festival of Words

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