Raised in the woods by the animals and trees, A poet who always believed there was more to life then what the grownups told you.

Uschi found music at a young age, and began to understand how it could not only be used to communicate the hardships of this world but to share the untold story of creatures who's voice had been lost or forgotten

A self taught multi instrumentalist, who's first love was percussion, Tala explored in depth the many ways to create beats within and without time, using her hands, mouth, and sometimes her whole body.

Taking her knowledge of percussion she moved forward to find guitar, banjo and keys, diving head first into a world of rhythm, melody and magic.

But it wasn't until the discovery of the loop pedal that she begun to understand the true song of her secret heart.

Uschi Tala draws inspiration from the Earth, it's protectors, as well as light found within darkness.

Wielding loop pedal, beat machine, and various instruments, Tala creates ambient soundscapes that dance along hauntingly serene vocals and rhythmic rhymes. Uschi's music has been described as  otherwordly, ethereal and pure magic, while her lyrics embody an ocean of healing and encourage others to sea the radiance in themselves as well as the bigger picture.